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Established in 1998, Wemindji Exploration's main goal was to create a specialized work force for the mineral exploration companies that are and will be exploring on the east coast of James Bay (Quebec).

Wemindji undertook the initiative to set up a training program for Cree participants in prospecting and develop the local mining industry. This program included several aspects of exploration skills such as reconnaissance mapping, rock and minerals identification, claim staking & laws, map reading, line-cutting, geophysical surveying and project management. Students that successfully followed this training programs are currently working for exploration companies in the vicinity area, or have staked and obtained their own mineral properties and have made significant discoveries.

Wemindji Exploration Inc. is a private company owned by the local community with the mandate to acquire claims and perform mineral exploration, ventures and options claims to/with mining companies, develop on the job training programs, maintain community awareness of local mining activities, and assist Cree prospectors with government incentive programs.

Wemindji Exploration Services Inc.

Assists Cree Prospectors to acquire and carry out field work on their own mining properties Job placement for Cree people within exploration companies carrying out field work in the Wemindji territory. Wemindji Services has a crew of line cutters, sampling assistants, map plotting services, and transporting material to camp sites. Consulting service department to facilitate other first nations in Canada.

Exploration Activities

Mayappo Property

The Mayappo property consists of 209 hectares and is partially covered by water, which facilitates access by boat to most parts of the property.

The property is adjacent to Virginia's Eleonore Project where two major gold zones were recently discovered. The Ell lake and Roberto gold zones are located 1km west and 2km north respectively of the Mayappo property. The mineralized auriferous zones are both spatially and genetically related to intrusive (diorite) bodies in contact with greywackes whereas the copper-gold-silver and molybdenum mineralization is associated with quartz veins in pegmatites and diorite bodies.

Field work carried out to date consisted in reconnaissance geological mapping, local prospecting and rock sampling both inland part of the Mayappo property in order to evaluate the potential extensions of gold bearing mineralization and assess the possible trends of the Roberto zones towards the Mayappo property. Just like at the Roberto zones, sediments that host the gold mineralization at the Mayappo property show bedding and cross bedding as well as widespread potassic and andalusite alteration. Moreover and similarly, they host gold mineralization and are cut by unfoliated granite pegmatites, which may mark zones of weakness (tension) that allowed them to invade the sediments.

Mayappo Zone (Roberto type mineralization):

The sediment hosted Au - (Ag,Sb,Mo) mineralization (Roberto type mineralization) is located in greywacke in the northern central part of the property near the contact with dioritic intrusions. The mineralization consists in pyrrhotite with pyrite, chalcopyrite and silver-telluride as accessory sulphides within quartz pegmatite veins. The host greywackes are characterized by the presence of widespread potassic alteration and the presence of aluminosilicates believed to be andalusite. These hosted sediments vary in thickness 10 to 30 cm. Best values obtained in a grab sample revealed 4.99g/t Au, 40g/t Ag and 1.64%Cu. The table below shows some best gold results obtained with associated silver, arsenic, copper, zinc, arsenic and antimony values. Several other small values were obtained for this type of mineralization in other sub-parallel veins and veinlets.

Helen Lake Property

General Geology:

The area consists of amphibolitized volcanic rocks squeezed between a foliated granitoid unit to the south and granodiorite/diorite to the north. The volcanic sequence is 100 to 500m thick and is composed of amphibolitized basalt and mafic tuff.


The trending of the deformation corridor varies as it follows the contact of the granodiorite/diorite intrusion. The main showing is oriented SW dipping 80ยบ N. A shear zone structure is observed across the property and thus has a minimum length of 3km. Its width is unknown as it occurs mostly in the water. For this reason Follow up geophysics and drilling is necessary.

Mineralization and Results:

The type of mineralization found on Helen Lake area is structurally controlled copper-gold mineralization. The main showing consists in up to 20-30% chalcopyrite and pyrite. The best results were obtained from two grab samples with 12.82 g/t Au, 2.66% Cu and 6.7 g/t Au, 4.9% Cu. Anomalous values of molybdenum up to 0.2% are found locally.

Joint Ventures

The Wachiya Agreement between Dianor Resources and the Cree Nation of Wemindji was signed on February 13, 2002. As part of the agreement, a total of 89 claims were jointly staked with Dianor Resources within 33D and 33E SNR sheets.

Dianor - Metalex - Wemex JV

This JV was signed in 2002 in order to conduct diamond exploration within our properties.

The Exploration Team:


Dennis Georgekish

Board of Directors:

Danny Tomatuk, Reggie Mark, Arden Visitor, Sarah Hughboy, John Mark, Angus Georgekish, Victor Blackned.

Project Manager:

Mary-Carmen Vera, Previously Managed Renovations Projects for Vancouver General Contractors